Supported by experienced specialists and skilled technicians with international standards, PTDI provides a full range of Aircraft
Maintenance Services for:
PTDI Products : CN235
Collaboration Products : CN295, NC212 Series, H225M/H225, H215, Bell412EP/EPI,
AS365/AS565, H215/H215M, NAS332, NBO-105.
Component : Avionic (Navigation and Communication), dynamic

component/gear box and airframe.
Aircraft spareparts distributor (Integrated Logistic Support).
PTDI Aircraft Services is regulated by a Quality Management System compliance with the regulation of Indonesian DGCA, CASR
145 (Aircraft Maintenance Organization), CASR 57 (Aeronautical Component Distributor), DOA (Design Organization Approval),
ISO 9001 (AS/EN 9110 aircraft workshop / Requirements for Aviation Maintenance Organization).
In PTDI, After-Sales Service activities include:
• Technical Support (Tech-advice, Tech-representatives, field service engineer
• Technical Publications (Documents & Manuals)
• Training (Pilot and mechanic, Loadmaster)
• Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (aircraft and component)
• Aircraft alteration, modifications & refurbishment (re-engine, TCAS/TAWS/FDR installation)
• Interior refurbishment and beautification, as a part of routine inspection program (including re-painting)
• Spare parts and logistic supply
• Airworthiness Directive and Service Bulletin (Such as Lap Joint B737-series)
• Scheduled Inspection (C check, CPCP, annual inspection) and Unscheduled inspection.