The 2nd series of 6x6 Anoa Armored Vehicle were unveiled in 2011 and it was called Anoa Second Generation with
some improvements on outer accessories and interior design. It's using modular independent suspension with the
torsion bar with armored steel plat which can resist 7,62 mm ammunition and higher caliber if added the armored
ceramic protection. The Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) variant is used for transporting personnel up to 10 persons.
This variant is also equipped with copula which geared manually and equipped with mounting weapon modular type

that can be supported by machine gun with 12,7 mm or 7,62 mm caliber at the frontleft side and 7,62 mm on back-
right side. Optionally, this vehicle can be equipped by Remote Controlled Weapon System instead of manual copula.

Smoke grenade launcher weapons with 66 mm caliber are also installed on front left and right side. Additionally,
Thermal Driver Vision is equipped to improve maneuverability during night operation. Until now, more than 250 units
of 6x6 Armored Vehicle 'Anoa' already produced and used by Indonesian Army at cavalry and mechanized infantry.
This vehicle arealso operated by United Nation Peace Keeping Force in their operation areas.

Specification :
Type : 6x6 Personnel Carrier
Length : 6 m
Width : 2,5 m
Height : 2,7 m
Weight : 12,5 ton
Speed : 80 km/h on highway,
30 km/h on off road
Range : 600 km
Gradient : 60%
Side Slope : 30 %
Powerplant : 320 hp
Crew : 3 + 10 persons.

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