AS565MBe /AS365N3+

AS565MBe / AS365N3+ is the worldwide medium reference for naval, amphibious and land missions. With its superb
performance, whether over the sea, hot and high, day and night, land based operations or even ship-borne operations,
AS565MBe / AS365N3+ is the ideal multi-mission, flexible asset.
It has undergone high intensity operational experiences in Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) operations, Anti Surface Warfare
(ASuW) operations, and armed scout/light attack missions, special operations, maritime security control/patrol, Search and
Rescue (SAR), light utility mission, etc. The AS565MBe / AS365N3+ provides high and hot performance and enhanced situations
awareness. Certification and entry service in 2016.

• Special Operations
• Combat SAR
• Troop Transport
• Cargo Transport
• Medical Evacuation
• Search and Rescue
• Naval
• Anti-Submarine Warfare,
Anti-Surface unit Ware
• Maritime Security
• Oil Industry Operations

• 2 pilots + 10 passengers
• Spacious cabin
• Outstanding performance
• High Endurance and Low
operating cost
• Hot and high, day and night, land
based or shipborne operation
• Multirole force helicopter

• Maximum speed (Vne) : 150 Kts 278 Km/h
• Fast cruise speed : 143 Kts 264 Km/h
• Rate of climb : 1,181 ft/min 6.0 m/s
• Hover Ceiling IGE : 8,420 ft 2,566 m
• Maximum Range with Standard tanks at : 411 NM 761 Km
recommended cruise speed
• Maximum endurance at 140 km/h with : 4 Hours
standard tanks

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