6x6 Armored Vehicle Cannon 90 mm Badak is a new development vehicle to meet the requirement of Indonesian Army Cannon
90 mm Armored Vehicle. This vehicle is built with armored steel plate which can resist 7,62 mm ammunition and higher caliber
if added the armored ceramic protection. This vehicle is equipped with double wishbone independent suspension with coil spring
that are specially designed to maintain vehicle stability in the even of firing with 90 mm cannon. For the firing power, this vehicle
is also equipped with low weight, two person turret Cockerill 90p and the coaxial machine gun with 7,62 mm caliber.

Specification :
Type : 6x6 Cannon 90mm.
Length : 6 m
Width : 2,5 m
Height : 2,9 m
Weight : 12,5 ton
Speed : 80 km/h on highway,
30 km/h on off road
Range : 600 km
Gradient : 60%
Side Slope : 30 %
Powerplant : 340 hp with Turbo Charger Intercooler
Crew : 3 persons.

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