To achieve self-reliance in country defense, one of which is The Provision of The Main Equipment of Defense
System (ALUTSISTA) by domestic industries. PT DAHANA (Persero) as The State-Owned Company that produces
explosives tries to contribute by producing the military bomb called P 100 L.
Bomb P-100L is a kind of High Drags General Purpose (HDGP) Bomb. This type of bomb has the ability to
explode and Fragmentation Effect which can be used to destroy the building and Bunker foundation and also
can destroy living things in the large area.
P-100L is used for fighter aircraft F16 and Sukhoi owned by the Air Force. By the ability to produce
Bomb P 100 L , PT DAHANA (Persero) is expected to reduce the dependence on imports Bomb P-100L.
General Specifications of P 100 L are described as follows :
P-100 L is divided into four main sections :

1. Nose Fuze Bomb Assembly
2. Suspension Lugs Bomb
3. Body Bomb Assembly
4. Tail Bomb Assembly (Body Cone, Tail Fin, Body Fin)

P-100L also has the following technical data:
Equal to : OFAB-100 (Russian Product)

Total : 100 – 125 Kg
Bomb Filler : 34 ± 3 Kg

Total Length : 1100 ± 5 mm
Body Length : 550 ± 5 mm
Fin Length : 550 ± 5 mm
Diameter body : 273 ± 2 mm
Fin span : 273 ± 2 mm


Type of Bomb Filler : TNT
Type of Plane : Sukhoi
Type of Fuze : AVU-ETM/AVU-ETMA
Shelf Life : 144 months (12 years )
calculated from the date of production

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