Computer Base Interlocking (CBI)

Sistem Interlocking Len (SIL-03)
Len Computer Base Interlocking System (CBI) is a product developed by PT Len Industri (Persero).
CBI is used as Interlocking System to control outdoor equipment operation such as light signal, track circuit, point machine, etc
all in Computer Base System.

• LenVPS (Len Vital Processor System) is a Name of Len product for technology Processor Based to managing Vital Data.
• LenVPS (Len Vital Processor System) consist of LenVCM as control card, LenVIM as 16ch Digital Input Card dan LenVOM as
16 ch Digital Output Card
• High Class Design with System Software Dual Channel Processor Isolated and Independent Power Supply
• FDR (Fail Safe Driver Relay) function as Protection System when Logic System getting a failure error.
• System Diagnostic could use to observe the system.

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