DAYAGEL MILITARY is n ammonium nitrate based explosives
that is specialized form of explosive material. Especially designed
formulations generate high levels of energy, high strength and
robust detonator sensitive emulsion explosive. The product is gray
in colors with a frim putty-like consistency.
While sensitive to initiation by a No. 8 detonator, DAYAGEL
MILITARY has a very low mechanical impact sensitivity. This impact
insensitivity criterion is a very important safety feature. If exposed
to fire, DAYAGEL MILITARY will self extinguish unless a vigorous
external source of heat is applied. Whilst DAYAGEL MILITARY does
not burn easily, it should be kept clear of flame or excessive heat.
If DAYAGEL MILITARY whilst remnants are to be destroyed by
burning, advice on the correct method should be sought from
DAHANA Engineering Center located at DAHANA offices, or from
the local explosives statutory authority.

DAYAGEL MILITARY is a water resistant packaged explosive for
special purposes such as:
• Military and commercial demolition operation
• On site loading of user filled demolition charges
• General demolition purposes ranging from the most basic to
very sophisticated tasks

Storage and Handling
Store DAYAGEL MILITARY in well ventilated magazine suitably
licenced for 1.1 D Explosives. Store far away
from sources of heat or ignition another chemicals. Do not subject
the product to impact and friction.


For diameter
between45 mm & 130
mm@ Operating
Density1.25 gr/cm3

- REE*-Weight Strength
(relative to ANFO) = 100%
@ 0.8 gr/cm3 122%
- REE*-Bulk Strength
(relative to ANFO) = 100%
@ 0.8 gr/cm3 194%

For diameter
between25 mm & 38
mm @ operating
density1.23 gr/cm3

- REE*-Weight Strength
(relative to ANFO) = 100%
@ 0.8 gr/cm3 119%
- REE*-Bulk strength
(relative to ANFO) = 100%
@ 0.8 gr/cm3 183%

Unconfined in 25 mm @ 10 oC 4.6 – 5.0 km/s
Unconfined in 32 mm @ 10 oC 5.0 – 5.4 km/s
Unconfined in 55 mm @ 10 oC 5.4 – 5.6 km/s

Sivor has storage life in excess of 12 months in an approved magazine even hot or extreme humidity.