Shaped Charges which is known as Drilling Explosive used by Oil companies to make holes on steel pipe (casing) with cement
surrounded, which has been put in the hole of the oil well, so that through that holes oil will flow in and can be pumped out.
Types of The Shaped Charges
A comprehansive range of perforating charges which is manufactured in Tasikmalaya facility include:
• Deep Penetrating Charges (DP) for High Shot Density and Ported Carrier System, especially designed for application in
deeper more compacted limestone and sand stone formations.
• Big Hole Charges (BH) for High Shot Density and Ported Carrier System, used for application in Gravel Pack and sand control
• Encapsulated Charges available multi phased with Deep Penetrating or Big Hole Liners for Through Tubing Perforating
• Liner and circular charges for salvage and pipe recovery works.

Explosives Loads

The perforating charges are loaded with RDX or HMX. Other higher temperature rated explosives may be loaded on request. The

explosives charges weight ranges from 6 to 54 grams percharge.

The company offers a full range of charges suitable for all the popular gun size from 1-9/16”” to 7”” outside diameters. Design
and Manufacturing Standard All shaped charges are certified to the current API standard and strict quality control processes are
instituted in production. The management is certified to ISO 9001

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