The H215 is a medium-weight, twin engine helicopter with outstanding performance that belongs to the well-known Super-
Puma/Cougar family. This powerful and fast Super Puma with long-range capabilities has a very large useful volume for
equipment and emergency humanitarian aid. The H215 is also able to be operated in harsh condition such as sea, snow or sand
environments. Thanks to its state-of-the-art avionics and EASA/FAA certifications, it ensures a high level of safety for pilots and
passengers. Beyond these characteristic, this Super Puma has an excellent availablity rate with optimized maintance and operating


• Special Operations
• Combat SAR
• Troop Transport
• Cargo Transport
• Medical Evacuation
• Search and Rescue
• Fire Fighting Operation


• 1 or 2 pilots
• Up to 20 policemen in cabin
• Can be armed with Door Gun up to 12.7 mm
• Can be equipped with Armoured Plate
• The best safety in its class
• Quiet “Neighbour” operation
• Quick conversion to new mission
• Largest cabin volume
• Highest payload
• Hot and High performance at MTOW


• Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW) 8,600 Kg
• Useful Load 4,051 Kg
• Cargo Sling Capacity 4,500 Kg
• Standard Fuel Tank Capacity 1,228 Kg
• Seating Capacity 20 Troops
• Cabin Volume 11.4 m3
• Limited length 15.53 m
• Recommended Cruise Speed 135 Kts
• Maximum Range (Standard Fuel Tanks) >350 NM
• Maximum Endurance (Standard Fuel Tanks) > 3 Hours
• Service Ceilling (MCP) > 2,900 m
• Take-Off Power(TOP) 1,819 SHP
• Maximum Continous Power (MCP) 1,588 SHP
• One Engine In-Operative MCP (OEI-MCP) 1,783 SHP

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