KTP-el Reader
INTI KTP-el Reader is an electronic ID card reader is equipped with a fingerprint. Administrative functions to the needs of
community service.
*integrated reader & display can be stand alone operated or connected to computer/network

Advantages and Benefits
Development of the application of the KTP-el will become very widespread, not only as the identity at all levels government
agencies / sector, but also can be integrated with application on all sectors of public services, such as banking, healthcare,
education, taxation, insurance, social security, and can even be used as a means of granting voting rights during elections
(e-voting). With the utilization of KTP-el that is mandatory in these sectors it will undoubtedly improve public services more
securely and to have the validity of the data.
and moisture probe measurement).

Technical Specifications:
• Smart Card Reader standard ISO 14443 A dan B
• Secure Access Module (SAM) standard ISO 7816 (protocol T=1)
• Fingerprint Scanner standar ISO/IEC 19794-2.
• OS Android