Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) Systems & Centralized Traffic Supervisory
(CTS) Systems

CTC system serves as a centralized traffic control system for the train traffic. All the monitoring and controlling functions for
signaling operation of station local control, will be found also in the Operation Control Centre (OCC) which is equipped with CTC

In CTS system, only monitoring functions of signaling operations will be equipped in the Operations Control Center (OCC), while
for the control function can only be served by signaling local operator at the station.

Both in the CTC and CTS Systems, the monitoring function will function simultaneously both in the Control Center and in the
Signaling Local Control Panel at the station. While the function of train traffic control in the railway line that is equipped with CTC
system, can be serviced from the Control Center as well as from the Signaling Local Control Panel at the station (only one can
be active at a time). Who will control the movement of train traffic in the railway line that is equipped with CTC system, it will be
determined by the authority of the infrastructure operator.

Len CTC / CTS System is one of the Len’s flagship products that has been proven for two decades used in Indonesian railway
lines, especially in Java railway lines. Using of Open Platform Technology made Len CTC / CTS System has high flexibility. So it
is not only proven when used by Len own signaling product but also when it is used in railway line which is equipped with other
signaling system.