LenBDI15K-1P Series
LenBDI-1P series is Len Bidirectional Inverter used in renewable energy power generation that convert direct current (dc) voltage to
ac voltage and vice versa. The product is designed basedtion modular concept so it has flexibility to expand and upgrade,and also
make it easier to transport even to remote area. Other advantage is when some part is damaged it can be easily replaced with the
same module without affecting other part of the system.

Main Features:

• Modularity Concept : Easy Maintenance, Easy Installation, User Customization
• Automatic Pre-Charging and Discharging : One Push Button to Start Inverter & One Push Button to Stop Inverter
• Parallel Configurable : Expandable to Higher Power Capacity
• Operate at two modes : Stand alone mode and Rectifier mode
• Low harmonic distortion
• High efficiency
• Automatic/Manual generator control
• Automatic battery equalization to prevent battery capacity loss and prolong battery life