Len Main Distribution Panel (Len-MDP 100)

Main Distribution Panel (MDP) is used to distribute the mains to the
loads of the system. MDP will protect the system from lightning strike,
overload, short circuit, earth leakage fault, phase unbalanced, and
phase fault.
Continuity of the mains is required in order to keep the system running.
MDP is equipped with automatic transfer system, so if the mains supply
fails MDP will turn on the backup power automatically to keep the
continuity of the supply to the loads.

Main Features:

• Equipped with battery charger for genset battery starter
• Interlocked system between the mains supply and backup supply
• Equipped with voltage and current meter, hour meter of genset, and
indicator of the main supply, genset, transformer, and DC output
power supply
• Able to send signal to other system to inform the condition of the
power system