Retimax 2000 features daylight and low-light cameras, laser payloads, digital
camera payload and fully-integrated IMU for surveillance mission, maritime
force protection, shoreline and area mapping

Retimax 2000 is divided into three sub-systems:
• Gimbal, as mechanical and platform sensors
• MCS (Mission Console System), as the core and user
interface system control
• Ground System as data receiver from airborne

DayNight EMCCD Camera
Camera type : 1/3 CCD
Format : NTSC or PAL
Resolution : 450 TV lines
Lens type : Vary
Digital Camera
Format : Digital
Resolution : 24.5 megapixel
Focus type : Auto & Manual Focus
Focus range : Varies with Lens
Physical Dimensions
Gimbal Weight : 25-30 kg
Gimbal Size : 50 cm dia x 60 cm
Power : 15-30 VDC, 4 A (with no ancillary operating equipment)

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