(Structured Health Monitoring System)
Structural Health Monitoring System is defined as a device for evaluating the health of bridge structures using several types of
sensors attached or grown on the bridge structure. The sensor consists of various types of data which is then collected and stored
for purposes of analysis and reference to the future. Such data can be used to assess the performance of the bridge structure and
can be used to identify the initial damage to the bridge.
Measurement parameters Structured Health Monitoring System includes Anemo meters (speed and wind direction), Temperature,
Humidity, Tilt meter (Tilt), LVDT (Displacement), Accelero meter, Strain Gauge (Strain / Stress), CCTV (Image Capture), SINDILA
(The condition of passing vehicles).

Product Function:
• Monitor the condition of the bridge structure;
• Assessing the performance of the bridge structure;
• Damage or deterioration to the structure of the bridge;
• Provide supporting data for inspection and preservation of the bridge;
• Provides database bridge conditions in Indonesia;
• Provides Control and Decission
• Support System related to the results of the analysis of the condition of the bridge structure.

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